September 19, 2020
how to redeem hdfc credit card points

how to redeem hdfc credit card points

this tutorial show the testament you to make amends for HDFC credit card points ;basically hdfc bank one of the uncomparable world-class private sector bank; offering a lots of benefits on customer’s credit cards or debit cards ;

if you also carry a hdfc bank’s credit cards or debit cards and volition to redeem the reward points into cash or voucher or miles, this tutorial may help you

the very basic guide can help you to complete the process for the same above topic ;we should know ,reward points not receive without making any transactions ;

mucho transactions make to get higher numbers of reward points on credit card , in keeping with not only transaction but also to see the card maintainence ;

therefore keep making transactions in keeping with maintainance on credit cards to get enough reward points on cards

but the very fact is ,never expect to get points on each and every transactions because transaction made on jwellary product ,no reward points received ;

there has been some terms and conditions that we should be cognizant of , first thing ,hdfc bank provides many credit cards contain different name and features as well ;

here we concern is to know bout reward points redemption process and usage of points , for instance ;we put some hdfc credit cards name along with how much points do we often get on the transaction values ;

such as Regalia credit card most conspicuous card, which countenance enough reward points; in terms of usage basis and annual welcome benefits; based on transactions limit,

essentially to get four reward points on minimum transaction of every 150 rupees ; thus if spend is of amount two lakh ,total reward points may receive up to 8000 reward points ; and the most important thing is that , one reward point for this card

contain 20p and 50 p value in terms of offline and online usage ;

this is how Money back credit cards also offer point with the value of 20 p on each reward point’s number;

now let’s move on our main concern to know about how to redeem hdfc credit card points

Redeem hdfc credit card points

no matter , what eccentric of hdfc bank’s credit card you carry ;but the redemption process very likely is same ,therefore, to ransom the reward points , first off all login on netbanking ,

( For those customers who do not have an account in hdfc bank , can click here to know how to credit card login on netbanking )

after you come to know the login process; this may become easy for you to access the other details available on netbanking ;

so now, follow these steps to redeem rewards point on cards ;

1st step to log in on net banking, 2nd step to click on cards;3rd step to select credit card 4th step to choose Enquire option available there; 5th step to search for cashback redemption /points redemption; 6th step to select cards and number of points on rewards point portal and continue, it is done

how to redeem hdfc credit card points
how to redeem hdfc credit card points

Now follow this steps to get the exact process for reward point redemption ,after you login on net banking , click on cards ,

choose your credit card and click on enquire option to redeem the points as a cashback or voucher , once you click on cashback or point redemption ,net banking website redirect you to another portal is of points redemption ;

in that portal ,you see the option to either select your cards /account /enter the card number ,click on the same option

now that portal ask you to choose the range of your points ,i.e how much reward points you want to be redeemed ,you can also check the available number of points on your cards over the same option ;

and the next option is to choose the catagory you see over there ,that is for ,where you want to use that points ,whether you want to convert into cash or voucher or miles ; choose the appropriate option and click on continue ,

those reward point can redeem within twenty four on your cards ,

reward points
reward points

this is the process for point redemption ,no matter what you redeem that point for ,

Rewards point in cash/miles redemption on credit cards

once you apply redemption process on cards using the same instructions given above for in this case that redemption

portal contain many such options that you may select according to your need ,if you select redeem point into cash ,in this very case ,those points will credit as a credit balance on your credit cards ;

but one important information for redemption has some charges applicable is ninety nine plus GST,so in keeping with charges , never do hurry ,try to redeem when enough points available on cards ;

Note -eligibility to ransom points should be minimum twenty five hundreds ;only in case of rewards point more than twenty five hundreds ,is eligible to redeem

Also know when rewards point lapse on cards

Most of us travel via flights and book the tickets for flight , but hdfc bank’s credit card’s reward point also in use to book the tickets for flight and hotel also ;

in this case , earned reward points on credit card ,is bailable to covert into miles to use flight booking and hotel booking

those miles to use in flight/hotel booking ,now you may think about miles

What is mile– miles just like you get the cash after you redeem rewards point on a credit card; this is how a mile is just like a point ;

you can use 50 % of your miles for ticket booking and rest 50% need to provide from the credit card balance

,which save your money ;to convert into miles the very same process is,given above , can follow ;

else can contact in hdfc bank customer care

hope this tutorial may help you all to know this very important concern for reward point redemption; in case of any doubt for the same topic; can put your question in comment section, happy to help you all,

Also know

how to apply for hdfc bank debit card online

what is the process to gain enough reward points

to get the maximum number of reward points on card , depend on how much more transactions are happening ,in keeping with general transaction ,the more transactions are making ,the more reward points may earn ,

but here details to reveal about the process to gain extra and enough reward points on credit card from the general transactions you often make through your credit cards ;

to receive for the same , always try to make transactions via Payzap and Smart buy of hdfc bank , these two options let your credit card’s transaction to gain enough reward points and cashback as well;

here you may think about Payzap and Smart buy , what actually these are ? no worry , going to tell you something about Payzap and smart buy ;

What is Payzap

Payzap is an application of hdfc bank ,where customer can make credit card payment and other transactions using payzapp and payzap make an easy way to proceed the above line details ,

using payzap customer can also visit another merchant site’s portal to make transactions and can get extra benefits on cards , this application is also available on Google play store , Payzap not only let your cards get extra reward points ;

but also let you may make credit card payment very easily ,whether you have an account in hdfc bank or not ;

in case of card payment ,this app can let your hdfc credit card payment to be done from non hdfc bank account also , if you do not have hdfc bank account ,you may use payzap for credit card’s payment;

What is Smart buy

Smartbuy of hdfc bank provides you an ease to make transactions in a smarter way ; this option available on official website portal ,from where any merchant sites to be directed ;

smartbuy allow the customers to make credit card payments ,bill payments , as well as to visit many e-commerce websites such as flipkart ,amazon and other similar sites and much more ; and whatever the transactions made via smart buy ;

smart buy does not only let you earn extra reward points but sometimes cashback also ,in case of cashback ,you need to lies up with the merchant whether cashback offers are available on net ,

When reward points lapse on credit cards

basically we do not think about the scenario for when earned reward points may lapse on cards ; here are some scenarios that will make you aware and you will be able to utilize your reward points in a proper way ;

hdfc bank ,most of credit card’s reward point validity is two years from the transaction date ;

for example ; if transaction date on 15th may 2020 , in this case , expiry date of reward points on 15th may 2022 ;

this is first scenario for reward point lapsed in case of expiry date ; the very 2nd scenario is , when you get your existing card blocked and raise the request for re-issue ,

if card not reach up to you by the two attempts from the bank side , this situation may also leads to lapse your available reward points on cards ;

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